Lock up Tokens CASE to get more Tokens CASE.

The more, earlier and for a longer period you stake the token, the more rewards you get. The profitability for each bet is fixed and does not change during the staking period.

The minimum blocking period is 30 days, the maximum period is 1000 days.

The formula for staking profitability (Reward total) depends on three main parameters:

Volume bonus — depends on the number of tokens blocked by the user; The more tokens are in a bet, the greater APY.

HODL bonus — depends on the period of time for which the user’s funds are blocked;

The longer the period for which staking is made, the higher the profitability.

Early bonus — depends on the number of tokens remaining for distribution as rewards for staking tokens.

The more tokens already distributed, the higher the “difficulty” of staking and, accordingly, the lower the final APY.

52.8% of the total supply is allocated for staking, which is 264,000,000 tokens.