Bonus program

The staking smart contract encourages influencers and partners to raise liquidity in the CASE Ecosystem through three types of bonuses: Linear, Career and Starter.

Line bonus:

If you refer a new member, you will get 8% of his profit as line bonus. If this member invites a new user, you will get 5% of that user profit, etc.

Career bonus:

In addition to earning great line bonuses from your referrals’ investments (stakes), you also earn Career Status Points (CSP). These CSPs entitle you to earn «career ranks» for special achievements. Each time you reach a new rank, you will receive a one-time bonus in Token CASE. See the table below with requirements for each rank.

Start bonus:

If you invite someone, he will get additional bonus – 3% of his reward.

How to become a partner?

After connecting to your wallet, you can refer new members and get bonuses. If you want to unlock referral levels other than the first one, you need to stake a certain number of tokens.

Referral link can be found on the «Bonus program» tab: