Who needs Swap CASE and why

Who needs Swap CASE?

  • Asset owners and traders;
  • DeFi users;
  • Asset managers, funds and their clients;
  • Investors and liquidity providers;
  • Asset issuers and projects that need listing and liquidity (contact us);
  • Influencers, bloggers and trafficologists.

Why use Swap CASE?

  • Store assets safely by owning private keys;
  • Change any asset of one blockchain to any asset of another blockchain without intermediaries, liquidity pools, bridges and wrapped tokens;
  • Trade right from your wallet through a built-in trading terminal with decentralized order book, limit orders, price chart visualization, technical analysis tools and other trading advantages not available in other wallets and DEXs;
  • Add any tokens and by yourself create unlimited number of trading pairs from the assets of different networks;
  • Forget about KYC and control procedures, possible fraud or account blocking on the centralized exchanges;
  • Do not depend on domains, bridges, blockchains and any other network restrictions;
  • Become completely invisible using a portable version of Swap CASE app from a flash drive;
  • Be anonymous, free, transparent and decentralized;
  • Buy the CASE Ecosystem Token (Token CASE) and stake it with high APY;
  • Receive rewards for promoting Ecosystem services.