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Frequently asked Questions:

How long does a swap last?

1-2 minutes if both sides of the transaction are online.

Is swap safe?

Yes, it is. Your assets cannot be lost. In cases where the exchange does not occur, no changes are made to the blockchains, which means that the assets are not transferred to anyone and remain on the wallets of the owners.

How to make money on liquidity providing?

You need to buy a CASE-BEP20 ecosystem token (Token CASE) and stake it with high APY and generous bonus program.

Find out how to buy Token CASE here.

How does Swap CASE differ from other DEXs?

Other DEXs only allow to trade assets within a single blockchain. To exchange assets from different blockchains, one need to use liquidity pools and wrapped tokens. In addition, when placing limit orders, the exchange blocks the corresponding amount of the asset.

In Swap CASE, you can exchange tokens of two different blockchains directly without wrapped tokens, liquidity pools and place an unlimited number of orders within one balance.


You have 100 1INCH-AVX20 in your Swap CASE wallet on the Avalanche network. With this balance, you can place multiple limit sell orders of 100 1INCH-AVX20, for example in pairs with CASE-BEP20 (BNB Chain), USDC-PLG20 (Polygon) and USDT-FTM20 (Fantom), as well as other blockchains.

The first executed order will automatically other orders.

Does Swap CASE store keys?

No, it does not. Swap CASE does not store any personal information, including private keys, seed phrases or PINs. This data is stored only on your side and never leaves your device.