How to trade

How to trade in Swap CASE?

To start trading, add the assets you need to your portfolio from the drop-down list or by the contract address.



Since you send an ordinary transaction to the other side when you are trading P2P, in order to pay the blockchain fee, you first need to fund your wallet with the native (base) coin of the corresponding blockchain.

For example, for the Ethereum network, it is ETH-ERC20, for the BNB Chain (BSC) network, it is BNB-BEP20, for the Fantom network, it is FTM-FTM20, and so on.


You will not be able to make a swap without paying the blockchain fee.

P2P trading is carried out in the DEX section, which is a trading terminal.

Construct the trading pair you need from the assets added to your portfolio and make an exchange in the direction you want.

You can trade using limit (pending) orders.

There are two parties involved in every transaction:

Maker — the one who placed a limit order at a given price with a given volume;

Taker – the one who executes a maker’s order in whole or in part.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions in the next section.