How to provide liquidity

How to provide liquidity?

To provide liquidity, you need to buy CASE-BEP20 token (Token CASE) for a stablecoin on the blockchain you want.

Difference from classic DEX:

Users of classic DEXs and bridges used to have liquidity pools in which they can add a couple of assets and get some LP token in return. In such DEXs, users interact with liquidity pools.

In Swap CASE, the user interacts directly with another user, and not with liquidity pools, so there are no liquidity pools and LP tokens here.

For full-fledged trading, the decentralized Swap CASE order book must be filled with a sufficient number of limit orders from makers who want to exchange their assets in different blockchains at different prices.

To do this, Swap CASE provides a special liquidity module. The community votes for the assets that are most needed in trading, and this module fills the order book with the relevant orders.

Therefore, when you want to provide or receive liquidity, you need to buy Token CASE for a stablecoin on the blockchain you want. Thus, you will replenish the Swap CASE liquidity module in the blockchain you really need.

To get rewarded, stake your Tokens CASE with high APY