How to install and create a wallet

How to install and create a Swap CASE wallet?

How to install and create a Swap CASE wallet?

The Swap CASE app is available for Win64, MAC and Ubuntu.

Portable version — on request;

Mobile versions for Android and IOS are under development.

Text installation instructions

Follow the link to the official site and click on the Download button according to your operating system (MAC, Windows or Ubuntu):

After successful download, run the installation file:

Accept the license agreement:

Choose a folder on your computer to install the application:


Create a shortcut on the desktop (checkbox):


Proceed with installation of the application:

Launch the Swap Case application on your desktop:

Create a new wallet, click the New wallet button:

Choose a name for the wallet, copy and securely save the Seed phrase (24 words) to restore access to the wallet:

Confirm 3 random words from the Seed-phrase:

Create and save a new strong password:

Accept the license agreement of the Swap Case application:

Log in to the wallet using the password:

You have successfully logged into your wallet in the Swap Case app: