Conditions and recommendations


There are two types of fees in Swap CASE:

  • Commission per trade paid by the taker in the amount of 1/777 of the trade volume (~0.129%). The maker does not pay this commission per trade.
  • The blockchain fee paid by each party in the native token (ETH to Ethereum, Matic to Polygon, FTM to Fantom, etc.) for sending asset to the other side of the transaction.

Blockchain commissions may vary in different trading pairs.


You need to be online during the swap:

Since assets are exchanged directly between two wallets, the Swap CASE application must be online for both parties to receive all the necessary confirmations.


In cases where one of the parties did not pay the blockchain fee, or there was a network break, the app will make the exchange later, or return assets to the parties. It depends on the availability of confirmations and payment of the commissions. Assets are blocked until all the transaction will be complete.


Recommendation: Stay online and wait for the app to complete.

Limit orders must be online:

If the network breaks, your limit orders will disappear from the decentralized order book and reappear when the connection to your wallet is restored.


Recommendation: Check your limit orders when you restart the application, because the market price of assets can change during your absence.